Franquias em alimentação são as que mais faturam, explica Fernando De Nadai
Food Franchises are The Ones That Make the Most Money, Explains Fernando De Nadai
19 de February de 2019

New Year Message

Ano Novo

2018 was great for our company. We consider this a year of sustainable growth, where we have been able to strengthen our relationships with a large part of our client portfolio and also meet our business goals by closing important contracts.

We focus on continuous improvement of our employees with the implementation of important projects such as the consistent repositioning of our Compliance Program, training 100% of our employee base in ethical business practices.

Another highlight of the year was the tremendous success of our in-house cultural contest "The Chef is You". In this second edition, we received 105 recipes with the theme sustainability and we count with the participation of several areas of the company.

Finally, we received excellent news, fruit of the serious work and dedication of our entire team. We are among the Best Companies to Work with at a rate of 93% of our employees' pride in working for us.

We ended 2018 with the feeling of accomplishment and with a lot of positive energy, thanking all our employees for their commitment to the company's daily routine and to all our customers for the partnership.

That 2019 will be full of challenges and solid growth!

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