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19 de February de 2019
Fernando De Nadai comenta as atuais tendências do setor de franquias em alimentação
Fernando De Nadai Discusses the Current Trends of the Food Franchise Sector
19 de February de 2019

Food Franchises are The Ones That Make the Most Money, Explains Fernando De Nadai

Franquias em alimentação são as que mais faturam, explica Fernando De Nadai

According to Fernando De Nadai, executive director of D.King, Brazilian franchising grows, even in times of economic crisis, according to data ABF (Brazilian Franchising Association), which states that in the first quarter of this year, revenue of the sector registered a nominal growth of 5.1% in relation to the same period of 2017 and the billing went from R $ 36.890 billion to R $ 38.762 billion.

And in this promising scenario, food franchises gain prominence, since they grew by 6.6% in relation to last year.

But this growth in food franchises did not come without effort. Besides the deepening of Brazil's habit of eating outside the home, it is due to some factors, such as the work done by the networks in the insertion of new products and new menus, offering differentiated services and communication actions to attract consumers.

Billing of food franchises

According to data from the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF), Fernando De Nadai explains that only last year the food segment had revenues of more R $ 42 billion reais, while other segments, such as entertainment and leisure, had a turnover of only R $ 2 billion. Impressive, is not it?

So, as you see, investing in a food franchise can be a great idea. And it does not have to be a big investment. One of the industry's strongest trends is the cheaper franchise models such as kiosks, food trucks and containers that require a low value for assembly and operation.

Fernando De Nadai explains where it is better to invest

However, Fernando De Nadai explains that despite the high revenues in the sector, you have to be careful when choosing your food franchise to invest.

Most of the increase in sales in the food franchise sector is due to the growth in demand for gastronomy based on different cultures. And a great example of this is Mexican cuisine. For this reason, says Fernando De Nadai, "investing in different cuisines, out of the traditional, like Japanese, Italian or American food, can be a great option and guarantee a quick return."

Another good alternative to high billing is choosing healthy food franchises. This type of food does not stop growing and everything indicates that it is a trend that has come to stay for a long time. Menus and dishes made with natural products, organic and lights have been moving the sector worldwide and modifying eating habits.

The entrepreneur can also choose to invest outside the large centers, after all some squares are already saturated and in the interior of the country you can find cheaper points and less expensive labor.

"Without a doubt, there are many advantages to opening a franchise in small and medium-sized cities, and several networks are expanding inland and encouraging new entrepreneurs to open new units in these areas with an avid audience." successful investment, complete Fernando De Nadai.

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