Franquias em alimentação são as que mais faturam, explica Fernando De Nadai
Food Franchises are The Ones That Make the Most Money, Explains Fernando De Nadai
19 de February de 2019

Fernando De Nadai Discusses the Current Trends of the Food Franchise Sector

Fernando De Nadai comenta as atuais tendências do setor de franquias em alimentação

Fernando De Nadai, Executive Director of D.King, says that during the ABF Franchising Expo 2018 the food segment showed innovations and very interesting trends. And among these various trends, he highlights three that should dominate the scene from next year.


According to Fernando De Nadai, the franchises in kiosks are on the rise and present themselves as an excellent alternative for those who do not have much capital to invest and open a complete store.

Kiosks have other advantages: they are easy to manage, easy to assemble and often give a quick financial return. "Some franchise networks see the kiosk as a test so the entrepreneur can gain experience and then open a larger store," says Fernando De Nadai.

He points out that according to the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF), the franchises in kiosks can move values ​​of more than R $ 6 billion next year.

Healthy Eating

Another strong trend in the food franchise industry is healthy food and organic products. A great demand for this type of product has been growing in recent years following a movement to search for healthier living habits, says Fernando De Nadai.

Fernando de Nadai points out data from the Euromonitor agency, noting that the healthy products market in the country moved around R $ 93.6 billion in 2016 in Brazil, making the country occupy the 5th place in the world ranking of this segment. In fact organic food was the niche with the highest growth in the last 5 years, about 18.5%.

Technology for self-service

Alongside healthier, more natural nutrition, technological innovations in the food franchise sector continue to grow and stand as a strong trend, especially when they facilitate interaction with customers.

Franchising networks should increasingly invest in businesses that make it easy to take products off, such as drive-thrus, totems for self-service, and shop-in-the-store systems.

Fernando De Nadai explains that in the United States several franchise networks already bring the consumer system buy over the internet or application and just pass in the store to withdraw the product. In Brazil, only now it starts to appear in the food industry, but everything indicates that it will grow a lot. "You buy your food and you can go eat at the office or wherever you choose and that gives the customer great freedom," he says.

Fernando de Nadai's advice to future entrepreneurs

If you plan to open a lucrative business in 2019, a franchise may be the best solution, advises Fernando De Nadai. With it, you realize your desire to have a business of your own, minimizing risks as it is a pre-defined model.

However, it is good to keep in mind that the average time between the start of the franchisor negotiation and the opening of the franchised unit can take from 4 to 5 months. But before reaching this point, "the future entrepreneur must know the largest number of franchises possible, so you will not have doubts when closing the deal," says Fernando De Nadai.

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