19 de February de 2019
Fernando De Nadai comenta as atuais tendências do setor de franquias em alimentação

Fernando De Nadai Discusses the Current Trends of the Food Franchise Sector

Fernando De Nadai, Executive Director of D.King, says that during the ABF Franchising Expo 2018 the food segment showed innovations and very interesting trends. And among these diverse trends, he highlights three that should dominate the scenario from next year.
19 de February de 2019
Franquias em alimentação são as que mais faturam, explica Fernando De Nadai

Food Franchises are The Ones That Make the Most Money, Explains Fernando De Nadai

According to Fernando De Nadai, executive director of D.King, Brazilian franchising grows, even in times of economic crisis, according to data ABF (Brazilian Franchising Association), which states that in the first quarter of this year, a nominal growth of 5.1% in relation to the same period in 2017 and the revenue increased from R $ 36.890 billion to R $ 38.762 billion.
19 de February de 2019
Ano Novo

New Year Message

2018 was excellent for our company. We consider this a year of sustainable growth, where we have been able to strengthen our relationships with a large part of our client portfolio and also meet our business goals by closing important contracts.